Welding & General Fabrication


Welding & General Fabrication

Architectural Steel Fabrication Melbourne

Welding and Architectural Steel Fabrication

Ri-Cal Improvements offers professional welding and architectural steel fabrication for your residential or commercial needs.

Our expert welding and fabrication services include:

  • General Welding
  • General fabrication
  • Fence/Gate framing
  • Security Doors
  • Outdoor furniture

We offer a full range of welding and steel fabrication services for a variety of purposes including construction, security and protection, safety, repairs and renovations, structural support, storage and more.

If you’re looking for welding or architectural steel fabrication anywhere across Melbourne, contact us today.

1. Steel Bollards – Steel bollards are used to guard doorways, high-risk areas and protect corner locations. They can be used to create a buffer zone around pedestrian walkways. They can also be used for enhanced security measures at traffic entrances and can prevent vehicles from coming into contact with your building. Steel bollards can be permanently anchored to the floor or fixed temporarily and removed when required. We have extensive experience fabricating and installing steel bollards for a range of purposes.

2. Outdoor Furniture – Ri-Cal can also design and manufacture picnic tables and bench seats from a wide range of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, hardwood timber etc. We have designed and fabricated street furniture for parks, shopping strips/centres and walking tracks across Melbourne.

Visit our welding and fabrication gallery to see some of the different kinds of welding and architectural steel fabrication services that we can provide, including steel bollards and outdoor furniture.

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